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[U]sing garden inspired items for Thanksgiving decor is a natural choice.  Pumpkins, colorful leaves, bumpy gourds, wild vines, shiny nuts, apples, berries, even sticks and logs serve as creative inspiration for Thanksgiving decorations.

I just love these apple candles!

Thanksgiving Decorations with a little edge

To make your own apple candles choose apples that are naturally hard.  Wash and dry the apples, then shine with a soft cloth.  If you desire more shine, rub the apples with a little veggie oil. Using a tea light candle as a template, trace a ring, or imprint the apple with a pencil.  Cut out the stem end with an apple corer or sharp knife. Carefully carve out enough room for the candle. Before inserting the candle sprinkle lemon juice in the hole to keep the apple from turning brown. Make sure the apples are set firmly in their display before burning the candles.

thanksgiving decorations

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Squirrels aren’t the only creatures piling nuts at Thanksgiving!  Almonds, hazelnuts, cranberries and even acorns make a lovely addition to candle displays for a cozy holiday effect.  Dried beans, unpopped popcorn, split peas and candy corn can also be used.  Oh what fun it is to play before Thanksgiving Day!